Geriatric Care Management

Geriatric Care Management encompasses a client’s health care as well as his or her psychological, housing, nutrition, daily activities, financial and legal requirements. Nancy Mack, Certified Geriatric Manager at Health Care Connection, has extensive knowledge and experience working with elderly and disabled clients in the Marin area. Starting with a detailed assessment, we draw up a plan of care, select and refer to optimum service providers, coordinate required services, follow up on a regular basis to make sure needs are being met, and advocate on the client’s behalf. We act as a liaison for families both in and out of Marin, alert families to any problems, and offer counseling and support.

Health care assessment

Geriatric care management begins with an in-depth assessment based on years of health care experience with elderly clients. Following the initial assessment we implement an individually tailored health care program. Our goals are to improve the level of wellness and quality of life for each of our clients, and to act as a local resource for families in and out of the area. The nurse evaluates the client’s nutrition and hydration, and monitors his or her personal hygiene.

Home environment assessment

With her experience working with seniors and disabled adults, Nancy Mack is able to search out and recognize hazards in a home and make appropriate modifications to optimize each client's home environment. For example, did you know that there are different types of walking aids? The evaluation includes advice on what types of aids will best allow the client to live the most active and fulfilling life. We recommend appropriate care facilities, adult day care, and home health care options.

Monitoring and advocating on a client’s behalf

We visit clients regularly, attend medical appointments with them and advocate on their behalf to make sure they are receiving the best treatment. We follow up to make sure the individual is taking medications correctly, is not experiencing side effects or drug interactions, and never runs out of needed medications. We also assess the client’s insurance coverage and make sure he or she is utilizing Medicare and other benefits to the fullest extent.


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